Port Authority's Smart Card Fare System

Your passes and fare value are loaded onto a ConnectCard, a reusable plastic card, that's more convenient and secure than paper passes or cash.

Riders can buy ConnectCards at Port Authority's Downtown Service Center, nearly 50 Giant Eagle locations and a growing number of other retailers.

This website is your place to learn everything about ConnectCard. We suggest checking out our Get Started page first.

Be sure to check back from time to time. We'll be adding more information as the ConnectCard program grows.


Connect Rewards

Use your Port Authority ConnectCard to receive special discounts and exclusive offers at hundreds of participating retailers throughout Allegheny County.

Get Started

Riders will be introduced to even more functions of the ConnectCard in the near future. Learn more about what's next.


Frequently Asked Questions

Need more information about ConnectCard, its benefits, the new equipment or adding value to your card? We have all the answers.

Protect Your Balance

Don't lose the value on your ConnectCard if it's lost or stolen. Sign up for our free Balance Protection program.

Find a ConnectCard Location

There are many locations to add value to your ConnectCard and we're adding more all the time! View our locations page for more details.